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Collision Center Manager Is Among the Highest Paying Automotive Jobs

Given the many advantages of pursuing a career in the automotive industry, there are several reasons someone would choose this career path. Like any profession, compensation is a big factor. While there are numerous well-paying roles in the automotive field, ZipRecruiter lists collision center manager salaries among the highest for the near future. Discover more about this profession and what it entails from NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, based in Jamaica, NY.

What Does a Collision Repair Center Manager Do?

Collision center managers play a highly regarded role within the automotive field because of the responsibilities they carry. A collision center manager leads and manages a team of automotive repair technicians at an accident repair center. They are tasked with ensuring sales, financial, and customer satisfaction goals are achieved. The duties of a collision center manager can include the following:

  • Inspect customer vehicles that have been in an accident and accurately estimate the cost of parts and labor
  • Plain daily collision repair schedules and assign workloads to maintain an efficient workflow and ensure jobs are completed on time
  • Supervise all departments to make certain quality standards are being met
  • Identify and solve issues promptly to prevent delays
  • Conduct team meetings to ensure all employees remain on the same page and are aware of company goals
  • Manage annual budget
  • Hire and train qualified employees and monitor their progress
  • Maintain a fair and healthy work environment that encourages honesty and integrity
  • Make certain proper safety equipment is accessible and being used correctly
  • Deal with unsatisfied customers appropriately
  • Conduct periodic spot checks of completed jobs for thoroughness and quality of work
  • Establish and maintain a healthy work relationship with all employees
  • Reward quality work and reprimand employees when necessary

Potential Earnings

According to estimates, the average annual pay for a collision center manager in the United States is $76,792 a year as of 2023. That breaks down to approximately $36.92 an hour, or $1,476 per week. How much a collision center manager makes is generally dependent on several factors, such as experience level, qualifications, who the employer is, the location of the job, the cost of living in the area, and more.

Requirements Needed to Become a Collision Center Manager

The qualifications necessary to pursue a career as a collision center manager involve extensive hands-on collision repair experience, including areas such as body repairs, paint, estimation, and management. Candidates must also demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the collision repair process, quality standards, and relevant regulations.

People can acquire the education and skills necessary to one day pursue a career as a collision center manager at NYADI. Our Collision Repair Technology Certificate program led by dedicated instructors features a well-rounded curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to build their professional skills and heighten their understanding in all areas of collision technology. The 48-credit hands-on program includes 16 collision and automotive courses and can be completed in just 13 months.

Take the First Step Toward Becoming a Collision Center Manager

NYADI The College of Transportation Technology in Jamaica, NY, is dedicated to helping students pursue automotive jobs they are passionate about. Those wishing to one day become a collision repair center manager can take the first step at NYADI. Our academic programs equip students with the necessary knowledge and training they need to forge their career path in the automotive industry.

In addition to our programs, a variety of student resources, and career services, we also offer qualifying students various financial aid opportunities to help make secondary education more feasible. For more information on the automotive jobs we help our students acquire, or to learn how you can enroll at NYADI, contact an admissions representative today.