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Comparing Commercial and Personal Vehicle Repair

Both personal and commercial vehicles are essential in today’s day and age, and both types need to be maintained and repaired. Whether you plan to work in commercial or personal vehicle repair, you’ll need the proper training and skills to get different types of jobs done efficiently. Although there are many similarities between the two repair types, it can be helpful to complete specific training that correlates with the repairs you want to do. NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, in Jamaica, New York, provides outstanding automotive training programs. Here, we share information about how the training and job duties may differ, depending on whether you specialize in personal or commercial vehicle repair. 

Certifications and Training

Commercial and personal vehicles often have different components and will need different methods to repair them, which means different training programs and certifications are needed based on the vehicle style. These certifications are usually provided through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), and they range from simpler skills for personal repairs to more advanced repair work for commercial and diesel repairs.

Personal Vehicle Repair

Mechanics who specialize in personal vehicle repair often work in auto body or repair shops, and most auto repair shops look for mechanics with ASE certifications to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Learning different certification areas is beneficial if you plan to complete personal vehicle repairs. These areas may include suspension and steering, maintenance and light repair, heating and air conditioning, and engine repair. NYADI’s Automotive Technology program trains students in these areas and more to prepare them for careers in personal vehicle repair.

Commercial Vehicle Repair

Commercial repair mechanics can be found working in auto shops, dealerships, roadside service, retailers, and more — workplaces that also prefer ASE certifications. If working as a truck and diesel technician on commercial vehicles is more your style, a certificate in Truck and Diesel Technology is an ideal course for you to pursue. You will learn about repairing diesel engines, heavy-duty chassis, and steering and suspension systems, as well as more crucial information for working on commercial vehicles. NYADI offers both a certificate program and an AOS degree program in Automotive and Diesel Technology; both specialize primarily in commercial vehicle repairs.

Different Repairs and Duties

A major difference between personal and commercial vehicles is the type of engine employed, and therefore the different kinds of repairs needed. Most large commercial vehicles, such as trucks, buses, construction vans, and more use diesel engines, which require different repair methods than those typically used for personal cars, which use gas or electric engines. This calls for specific training focused on your desired repair type so you’re extremely familiar with the ins and outs of the engine and repair methods. NYADI offers an AOS degree program in Automotive and Diesel Technology that focuses on commercial repairs and diesel specifically, which is advantageous to those looking to work in commercial vehicle repair.

Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook and salary ranges for commercial and personal repair mechanics are fairly similar because both jobs are in the auto industry and require similar training. Vehicles are a staple in our lives, and there will always be demand for people to repair them and get them back on the road. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of diesel technicians is projected to show little or no change from 2022 to 2032, while the employment of automotive service technicians and mechanics over the decade is average at 2 percent. The average salary for mechanics in the U.S. is $48,497 per year, according to ZipRecruiter, but this can depend on things like certifications, degrees, locations, and more.

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Whether you’ve already applied to a mechanic program or you’re looking to enroll, knowing the type of vehicle repairs you want to specialize in can help you choose your courses wisely. NYADI The College of Transportation Technology in Jamaica, NY, offers academic programs and courses focusing on both personal and commercial vehicles to prepare our students for careers in the auto industry. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help you succeed with our student services.