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Future Cars: The Weird And The Wonderful

Cars of  the Future

The Tokyo auto show is displaying a collection of special edition and designer prototypes of some automobiles that combine the visions of James Bond, Star Trek and Austin Powers.  Mod meets mad with these future cars!  If you are in the mood for travel, the Tokyo Motor Show runs from October 29 to November 8.  Check out the preview at:

That is some weird stuff!  The industry is changing and changing fast.  Car design, included technology, mechanical structures, highway interfaces and, even, fuel sources are all in flux.  The changes in the future of cars are almost as dramatic as when we traded horses for horsepower.

Cars of the Future and the Consumer

What does this mean for the consumer? First of all, it’s an exciting time in the history of travel.  People will get as excited about cars as they were in the 1950’s.  The future of cars is now. New car sales are already moving upward.  Electric cars and hybrids, once deemed impossible, are on the streets.  We’re all watching ourselves back into parking spaces, and listening to our GPS.  We have side view cameras, technology that we can chat with, and more …

Next, it will mean an increase in the quantity and types of jobs needed to manufacture, service, and maintain these new products.  Not to mention, explain them to the purchasers.  Test driving these future cars will be an education.

Where will you be as this all keeps on coming?

The near future will be a challenging time for automotive mechanics and technicians.  They will be poised on the cutting edge of a technological revolution equivalent to the introduction of the cell phone.  So many uses.  So many types.  So much about new car design to explain to the users:  joysticks instead of steering wheels; hydrogen cells to exchange; electric charging stations to track; chairs that turn; doors that fly up; interiors that change color.  Science fiction becoming science fact.

Then there’s the issue of self-driving vehicles, which I talked about in my previous blogs.  More technology to maintain; can’t have cars going rogue!

Prepare yourself for the future that is speeding towards you.  Study to be an automotive technician, a collision specialist, a diesel mechanic now.  Upgrade as you need to keep in sync with the changes.  At New York ADI classes are always available.  Call today: 718 658-0006.

Are you creative, passionate about learning, adaptable, hands-on, personable, and reliable?  These are the qualities of a good student.  These are the qualities of an expert craftsman.  These are the qualities needed to succeed as one of tomorrow’s automotive mechanic specialists.

There is no stopping the future of cars – jump on board or be left behind.