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What Is An Eligible Career Pathway Program?

What exactly does “eligible career pathway” mean?  One type of career pathway is a school to work program that leads to a sustainable career.  A sustainable career is a job with growth potential in an industry that pays well and is hiring now and will be hiring into the future.  The automotive repair and maintenance industry fits that description to a tee.  Automobile sales are up and innovations in design and mechanical parts keep on coming.

Since automotive technicians service cars and trucks at point of need, this is an industry that won’t be outsourced or off shored.  In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the job growth rate for automotive technicians will be 17 percent between 2010 and 2020. Over this ten year period, more than 120,000 job opportunities are expected to become available.  New York ADI is ready to prepare that workforce.

Ability To Benifit Program And Nyadi

New York Automotive and Diesel Institute was honored by New York State as an Eligible Career Pathway Program, the only one in the area.  This entitles us to offer federal and state grants to students who do not yet have a GED but have met the testing criteria for admission.  This is known as the Ability to Benefit Program (ATB).

Since we started the ATB program in March of this year, more than 50 students have benefited by preparing themselves for a career as automotive mechanics and technicians. At the same time and at no extra charge, these students are receiving instruction towards attaining their High School Equivalency degrees.

Some of our ATB students are immigrants and have never had the opportunity for an American High School diploma.  Others have dropped out of school as teenagers, often due to family issues, moving, or the need to work.  With eligible career pathway programs such as the ATB program, they all have made a commitment to start fresh and make the grade this time.

Our TASC team, led by Joseph Santora, provides individualized education in English, ESL, Math and Science, and Social Studies to prepare them for the High School Equivalency exam.   We are proud of the time and hard work that these students are putting in to complete two educational programs at the same time.

Whether a student chooses auto body repair, automotive technician, or diesel mechanic, NYADI is the place to be.  Our dedicated team of instructors, managers, and support staff are working together to ensure the career success of all of our outstanding students.