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How Smart Cars Change Collision Repair

By 2030, it’s estimated there will be about 125 million electric vehicles on the road – and that’s not even including hybrids or other alternative fuel vehicles. We still have a decade until that future arrives, but we’re already starting to see changes taking place. In fact, there are self-driving cars on the road right now. If you pass a Tesla Model X on the highway, there’s a good chance the driver doesn’t even have his foot on the pedal.

As the industry continues to shift toward a more technological, fuel-efficient future, what will the future of collision repair look like? NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology is here to help technicians stay on the cusp of innovation.

Out With the Old, In With the New

While the popularity of smart cars is changing the automotive landscape, it’s not the first time technicians have had to adapt to change. Cars have been evolving since they were created. Companies are always looking for new ways to make their vehicles smarter, faster, safer and just all-around better. For example, it wasn’t long ago that advanced climate control systems, touchscreen displays and smart safety features were added to today’s vehicles.

In theory, all of this new technology means there should be a reduced number of collisions in the future. After all, if cars can detect potential impacts and automatically brake or divert your course, many accidents can potentially be avoided. But, it also means that when collisions do occur – and they will – repairs will likely require highly-trained technicians.

Looking Ahead to Collision Repair

Currently, certified collision repair technicians are taught how to identify and repair gasoline and diesel engine components. To prepare for smart cars, they’ll also have to learn electric and hybrid systems. Additionally, they’ll have to become well-versed in advanced technologies, since cars are relying more and more on these innovative features. Even other common repairs, like refinishing panels with advanced paint or fixing a smashed door, will be different when you factor in changes like Tesla’s flip-up Falcon Wing doors.

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