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Is a Diesel Mechanic’s Salary More Than an Auto Mechanic’s?

Deciding on a career in the automotive industry can be difficult. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which is the right fit? Becoming a diesel mechanic is one option students should explore. In this career, your specialized knowledge can mean higher earning potential. NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, based in Jamaica, New York, offers an Automotive and Diesel Technology Program to teach students about diesel technology. Here, we talk about the difference between a diesel mechanic’s salary and an auto mechanic’s salary and the benefits of becoming a diesel mechanic.

Diesel Mechanic vs. Auto Mechanic

A diesel mechanic is a professional car technician who services any vehicle with a diesel engine. This can include trucks, overhaul buses, and certain cars. Because diesel engines are made up of unique elements, those who work on these types of engines must have specialized knowledge of their parts. This way, mechanics can efficiently and quickly repair trucks and other vehicles, allowing vehicles to get back in working order at a faster rate. Efficiency is important for all mechanics, but especially for diesel mechanics, who often work for large trucking companies or other businesses that require timely repairs.

An auto mechanic is an individual who fixes and repairs automobiles. Unlike diesel mechanics, auto mechanics typically work on personal, everyday vehicles. They may also work on pickup trucks and other noncommercial vehicles. While diesel mechanics must take specialized courses about diesel technology, an automotive technician can apply to many different programs, including those in Automotive Technology and Automotive Service Technology.

Diesel mechanics can potentially earn a higher wage than auto mechanics. This is because the job requires specialized knowledge of diesel systems. Diesel mechanics also have unique job opportunities. For example, they may work in larger, higher-paying companies with enormous fleets of trucks, buses, and other vehicles.

Working as a Diesel Mechanic

Working as a diesel mechanic can be an incredibly fulfilling career, as you get to work with your hands and constantly learn new things. It can also provide a stable income so you can live a comfortable life. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a diesel mechanic is approximately $54,000. However, pay can vary depending on your experience level and the area in which you live.

Many diesel mechanic positions are also full-time, giving you stable, consistent working hours. Some positions may also offer evening hours or overtime shifts.

Those who pursue a career as a diesel mechanic can also work in a variety of different automotive settings, including the following:

  • Trucking companies
  • School districts
  • Busing companies
  • Construction companies
  • Railroad companies
  • Airports
  • Private diesel vehicle shops

Benefits of Becoming a Diesel Mechanic

There are many reasons students should consider becoming a diesel mechanic. Here are a few:

Living Out Your Passions

Some individuals have a deep passion for fixing complex technologies and restoring vehicles. If this sounds like you, becoming a diesel mechanic can be an ideal career option. As a diesel mechanic, you will constantly learn new information about modern technologies, practices, and regulations. If you enjoy challenges, this field is for you.

Entering the Workforce Quickly

To become a diesel mechanic, students can apply to a program such as NYADI’s Automotive and Diesel Technology Program or Truck and Diesel Service Technology Program. Our certificate programs can be completed in as little as twelve months. This means students can earn their certifications faster than if they were to attend a traditional two- or four-year school. They can also save money on education expenses.

Moving Up in the Future

After earning their certification, diesel mechanics can potentially move up in their careers. With time, experience, and knowledge, students can earn additional certifications and degrees that put them above other candidates. In turn, they can progress in their career, making this a flexible and versatile occupation.

Start Your Diesel Mechanic Journey at NYADI

If you’re ready to switch up your career path and earn a diesel mechanic’s salary, NYADI can assist. We offer hands-on automotive training, which assists students in earning their ASE certification and others. Located in Jamaica, New York, we deliver accessible education to our community. To learn more about our diesel technology program and our other automotive programs, please contact us today.