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Most Important Skills to Learn to Become a Fleet Manager

Any organization that uses commercial vehicles to operate engages in some form of fleet operation or fleet management. Fleet managers are tasked with overseeing these operations to ensure all fleet maintenance and fleet production standards are being met. They also must make sure the operation runs smoothly.

The position of a fleet manager is vital and requires specific skills. NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, in Jamaica, NY, explains here what a fleet manager does, and what skills are needed to be successful.

What Does a Fleet Manager Do?

Tasked with supervising operations, fleet managers are responsible for what goes on within their organization. Some of the duties fleet managers must tackle are creating work schedules, managing routes, and ensuring all drivers receive the proper training to do their job safely and efficiently.

Fleet management does not stop there. Managers are asked to complete a variety of other duties, including:

  • Schedule regular maintenance on all equipment, ensuring everything is up to code
  • Order any parts for repairs
  • Ensure every employee’s training is up to date
  • Recruit, hire, and train new employees
  • Create new methods to decrease costs and improve efficiency
  • Manage budgets and provide reports

What Skills Are Necessary for Fleet Managers?

When it comes to handling the responsibilities of fleet management, not everyone is ready. It requires an individual with the experience and necessary skills to not only perform the job but do it well. Important skills one needs to learn before becoming a fleet manager include:

Management Skills

It should come as no surprise that a fleet manager must have good managerial skills. They are expected to lead their employees and motivate others. Fleet managers are the ones to set the example for others to follow. A fleet manager who does not possess good management skills will struggle when attempting to set policies and build professional relationships.

Financial Skills

While a degree in accounting is not necessary, fleet managers should have some understanding of the financial aspect of the business. This skill will come into play as managers budget and assess financial performance. This skill can also be necessary for managers to develop new ways to cut costs.

Customer Service Skills

Even though overseeing a fleet’s operation falls within the management category, fleet managers and supervisors are still in the customer service business. While a manager’s job is to ensure the operation runs smoothly, the goal is customer satisfaction. Fleet managers with good customer service skills will know how to handle a wide range of situations and be able to come up with the best solutions.

Mechanical Skills

To be a successful fleet manager, one must be familiar with their equipment, including their vehicles. While organizations have fleet maintenance technicians, the manager must understand the ins and outs of the fleet equipment as well. Having this skill can come into play if a manager needs to order new parts for repairs. With a good understanding of the vehicle, a manager will know which parts to order. Ordering the correct part can save an organization both time and money.

Time Management Skills

With so much asked of fleet managers, it can be easy for less pressing matters to go unattended. To prevent this from happening, time management skills are needed. Managers who demonstrate good time management skills will be able to address all matters both big and small. In doing so, the operation will run more smoothly and without hiccups.

Is a Career as a Fleet Manager Right for You?

Those who believe they possess the necessary skills to pursue a career in fleet management can begin by enrolling at NYADI The College of Transportation Technology. Located in Jamaica, NY, NYADI helps prepare students to obtain a meaningful profession in the auto industry by offering offer various academic programs. Our college is proud to offer eligible students financial aid, allowing them to focus on their education and not dwell on the expenses of secondary college. To learn more about enrolling at NYADI, contact an admissions representative today.