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The Auto Technician Shortage Means Opportunity for Those Who Can Adapt

The automotive technology industry is facing a dilemma — a shortage of technicians. Nationally, there was a 3% increase in auto technicians between 2021 and 2023, significantly lower than the estimated 14% needed by the end of 2024. Given this situation, the demand for auto technicians with the right training is growing.

NYADI The College of Transportation Technology is proud to offer two Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree programs in Automotive Technology and Automotive and Diesel Technology. Through our programs, students gain the skills and certifications they need to fill the shortage and achieve success in their careers. Learn more about this shortage and why enrolling at NYADI makes a great first step into the automotive technology industry.

Reasons for the Auto Technician Shortage

Several factors have contributed to the nationwide auto technician shortage. These problems include:

Changing Employee Demographics

Those ages 40 and older represent 49% of all auto technicians. Many of these individuals are Baby Boomers and are aging out of the workforce. The issue is that fewer young people are completing automotive training programs to replace retiring workers.

As is common in many industries, older, more experienced auto technicians may be reluctant to adapt to changes in the industry. Automotive technology is rapidly developing, with innovations like electric vehicles and smart cars becoming more common. These vehicles may come with different concerns than traditional, gasoline-powered cars.

Lack of Diversity Within the Trade

The automotive technology industry seems to have a hard time attracting women and people of color. According to Zippia, 95.1% of all auto technicians are men, while only 4.9% are women. Additionally, 60.7% are white, with the next highest percentage being Hispanic/Latino people at 19.5%. For this reason, NYADI makes it part of its mission to ensure obtaining automotive training is more accessible for students traditionally underrepresented in higher education.

Increase in the Number of People Driving Older Cars

There are multiple reasons people are keeping their cars for longer. For one, global supply chain issues have decreased inventories. Innovation has also helped increase the longevity of vehicles. The longer people have their cars, the more likely they are to experience mechanical breakdowns. These circumstances have hiked demand for skilled technicians.

Solutions to the Shortage

There is a silver lining to the auto technician shortage. Individuals interested in this field can take the opportunity to gain the right training and pursue a rewarding career. However, some barriers may prevent people from applying to automotive technology programs. The following are possible solutions to combat these misconceptions:

Poor Perceptions of the Job

Some young people may not be interested in becoming an auto technician because they believe the career is low paying and opportunities are few. In reality, auto technicians can earn considerable salaries depending on the environment in which they work, and they can advance their careers with additional training and certification.

Auto Technicians Must Adapt

As mentioned, older automotive mechanics and technicians may get stuck in their ways even as the industry changes. It’s not entirely a mentality — some may not have the experience necessary to operate on different types of vehicles. Automotive training that incorporates cutting-edge technology and techniques helps students understand the importance of adapting to keep up with industry trends.

Enhanced Training Programs that Boost Career Prospects

Many employers require applicants to have certain qualifications to be considered for a job, such as Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. Mechanic schools can better equip students with the qualifications they need to pursue job opportunities by preparing them to complete the exams required for industry and factory certification.

Complete Automotive Training at NYADI

Increasing the number of skilled auto technicians who are willing to adapt as the industry changes can help alleviate the industry shortage. At NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, our AOS programs provide students with the professional skills and industry certifications necessary to meet the demand, including ASE certification.

Located in Jamaica, New York, we are proud to be the only college in NYC offering an AOS degree in diesel technology. In addition to these programs, we also offer undergraduate certificate programs in automotive service technology, truck and diesel service technology, and collision repair technology. To learn more about our AOS programs, contact us today at NYADI.