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How Much Does ASE Certification Cost?

If you are thinking about getting into the automotive industry after graduation from mechanic school, ASE certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence can help open doors to land the job of your dreams. The ASE tests and certifies automotive service professionals. Learn more from NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, providing automotive career training programs in Jamaica, NY.

ASE Certification Costs

ASE certification test fees are generally small, under $100 for most tests. Since ASE certification gives auto mechanics an edge in the labor market, it’s a good investment. Investing in automotive training is a good investment, too.

Prepare for ASE Certification with NYADI’s Automotive Service Technology Certificate Program

NYADI offers an Automotive Service Technology Certificate Program that helps students gain the skills needed to break into the automotive industry and prepare for ASE certification. Our program includes 45 credits of classes on:

  • Automatic transmissions and manual drive trains
  • Axles
  • Brakes
  • Electrical/electronic systems
  • Engine performance
  • Engine repair
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Steering and suspension

In each course, students will receive classroom and hands-on training from ASE-certified instructors and learn how to:

  • Test auto components
  • Diagnose issues with vehicles
  • Troubleshoot and solve problems
  • Adjust engine and auto components as needed

After students complete the program, they will be ready to take the ASE certification, which is something most employers look for before hiring a mechanic.

Earn Your AOS Degree

If you are looking to go one step further, you can earn your Automotive Technology Associate Degree (AOS) from NYADI. Our program offers students:

  • Classes led by experienced ASE-certified instructors
  • Continuously updated curriculum to keep up with industry standards
  • Great faculty-to-student ratio that allows for more thorough training and more individual time with students

After completion of the 60-credit degree program, students will be prepared to pursue ASE certification.

No GED? No Problem!

At NYADI, we are an Ability to Benefit (ATB) Technical College, which means you can enroll in our career training programs and adult education programs at the same time, at no extra cost. Students benefit from the ATB program by:

  • Concurrent enrollment in our High School Equivalent course and a career certificate program
  • Accessing academic counseling sessions
  • Structured courses that allow them to advance through the automotive hierarchy
  • An option to participate in our industry certificate program

Financial Aid Packages Available

NYADI wants to help its students reach their goals of working in the automotive industry. Our financial aid department will help guide students on what funding sources are available.

First, students need to fill out a FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) because this form helps determine financial aid options. Those options include:

  • Federal Pell Grants: A grant does not have to be repaid by the student. The federal government determines eligibility based on student need, cost of attendance, and amount of funding available.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG): Grant for students with exceptional financial need.
  • Federal College Work Study (FCWS): This program provides part-time employment to students who need supplemental earnings to help defray the costs of attending mechanic school.
  • Subsidized Federal Direct Student Loan Program: Available for students in financial need, and the government pays the interest on the loans while the student is in school.
  • Unsubsidized Federal Direct Student Loan Program: Similar to a subsidized federal direct loan, except the student is responsible for the interest on the loan while they are in school.
  • Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS): Loans for parents to borrow money to help their child attend school. Repayment begins 60 days after the last disbursement.
  • Tuition Assistance Program (TAP): An award available for full-time students that covers up to $4,000.
  • Pursuit of Program (POP): Complete and receive a grade in a percentage of the minimum full-time course load in each term an award is received.

There are also financial aid programs available to qualifying veterans through the GI Bill. Contact the financial aid office today to learn about easy ways to afford school at NYADI.

Start Your Automotive Career Journey at NYADI

If you are ready for a career in the rapidly growing automotive industry, choosing an automobile trade school program like NYADI The College of Transportation Technology can give you the practical skills you need on a timeline that works for you. The degree and certificate academic programs at NYADI in Jamaica, NY, use the most up-to-date equipment and resources to ensure our students graduate with the knowledge they need to enter the automotive industry. For more information, contact an admissions representative today.