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What Makes an Automotive Instructor Great? P

Even the most carefully developed educational programs can only go so far if they don’t include high-quality instructors. But what is it that separates an excellent automotive instructor from other teachers? We’ll discuss three key traits NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology insists on for all our seasoned instructors.

1. Your teacher has years of hands-on experience.

Could you learn your way around a car’s engine by reading a book? Certainly – that’s an important part of any automotive education. But simply understanding how a vehicle’s components function doesn’t mean you’re ready to service a vehicle in the field. After all, vehicles can differ significantly from one make and model to the next, and the precise condition of the vehicle can throw another major curveball. That’s why the best automotive instructors have garnered years of real-deal industry experience. It makes it that much easier to connect textbook automotive knowledge to real-life situations.

2. Your teacher’s experience proves their versatility.

Spending a decade or more in one area of the automotive industry can undoubtedly provide a mechanic with a fair share of specialized knowledge. However, the best automotive instructors, such as those at NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology, go above and beyond by building a versatile selection of skills and knowledge through several positions in the automotive industry. A considerable portion of our faculty have owned their own businesses and gone on to work with other reputable companies, while others have served as manufacturer-specific master technicians with multiple certifications, which grants each instructor a unique perspective that can help you better prepare for your career.

3. Your instructor has certifications to show for their achievements.

In the automotive service industry, certifications play a major role in the development of a successful career. Well-known certifications, like the ASE certifications provided by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, prove that you’ve gained hands-on experience and developed the skills required for industry success. Look for these types of certifications when it comes time to apply for an educational program, and you can rest assured that you’re receiving instruction from a true expert. NYADI faculty is composed entirely of ASE-certified auto mechanics.

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