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What Employers Look For in Auto Technicians

Seeking a job in the automotive industry? When hiring automotive technicians, employers often look at four main factors: education, certification, technical abilities and communication skills. See if you have what it takes to compete in the automotive technology industry below.


While a degree is not always required, having one can help make you an attractive candidate when trying to land a job in the fast-paced automotive technology field. Employers want to see if you have the technical competence to diagnose, test and repair the vehicles that come into their shop from day one. When they see a degree on your résumé, they’ll know right away that you’re well-versed in a range of areas and that you’ll require much less on-the-job training than an amateur applicant.


In addition to postsecondary education, employers often seek out candidates that have already obtained an ASE Certification. In order to become certified by the ASE, you must have two years of experience or one year of experience and a two-year degree, as well as pass a rigorous test. With an ASE Certification on the books, you’ll show your level of technical expertise before even setting up an interview.

Technical Abilities

New automotive technologies are constantly hitting the market, and your future employer needs to know that you’re able to stay up to date on all the latest developments to provide the best service possible. When you complete a degree or certificate program or you obtain an ASE Certification, the auto shop owner or manager will recognize right away that you’re well-informed on the newest technologies.

Communication Skills

If you’re looking to work at an auto shop, you’ll most likely be interacting with customers on a daily basis. Employers want employees who are committed to building lasting relationships with their auto shop’s customers. Owners and managers also want to know that you have the ability to communicate effectively with coworkers.

Start Your Career

Certified auto technicians who exhibit strong communication and technical skills are highly sought-after by employers. Get the education you need to compete in this growing field at NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology. Call us today at 800-906-8086 to learn more about our academic programs.