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What Do Drivers Expect from a Qualified Mechanic?

No matter the business, customers should always come first, and the same goes for auto body shops. As a certified mechanic, customers expect a good deal from you and your auto repair services. Below, we outline three things that drivers look for in certified mechanics.

1. Cost Savings

While it may seem otherwise, amateur auto mechanics often cost a customer more than a certified mechanic. Depending on the shop, there may be an hourly labor rate. Since self-taught mechanics typically have much less training than a certified mechanic, it may take them longer to perform a repair or maintenance – costing customers more in labor. Certified mechanics, on the other hand, take less time to perform quality services, thus saving clients even more in repair costs down the road.

2. Knowledge of New Technologies

Thanks to modern technological developments, the vehicles on the road today are much more advanced than those of times past. When customers bring their car to a certified mechanic, they expect them to have in-depth knowledge of these newer systems. Fortunately, for mechanics to maintain their ASE Certification, they must retake the test every five years to ensure that they’re up to date on all the latest developments in the industry.

3. Strong Interpersonal Skills

Nowadays, drivers have a lot of options when it comes to getting their vehicles fixed, and your goal is to get them to choose you. How do you set your auto shop apart? The answer: by using your strong interpersonal skills to create a great customer experience.

Customers want to know that you’re genuinely concerned about both them and their cars. Convey that sentiment by listening to their issues and communicating with them every step of the way – including after diagnosis and during the repair process.

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