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What is an automotive technician?

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What is an automotive technician?

Automotive technicians are skilled in treating automotive systems and parts, as well as many types of vehicles, from small cars to large transports. They play a diagnostic role, inspecting vehicles and parts to determine what’s causing problems. They also perform routine maintenance checks.

Although many techs work in repair shops and car dealerships, others serve in specialized positions, such as preparing cars for shows.

Other common job responsibilities for auto techs include:

  • Conducting quality assurance on equipment and tools
  • Testing vehicles as part of regular inspections
  • Helping customers understand how to maintain their vehicles
  • Providing customers with price quotes
  • Maintaining records of maintenance projects and repairs

The title auto tech is often used interchangeably with mechanic. While the jobs are similar, they share some significant differences. Mechanics also conduct repairs and inspections, and some specialize in specific car parts, such as the engine or tires. An auto tech is sometimes seen as a more advanced role than a mechanic, although both require developing a key set of job skills. In general, becoming an auto tech requires more training.