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Ishah Shakur – 2022

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Ishah Shakur – 2022

Most of my life I wanted to work on cars, but I fell in love with trucks the first time I walked into the diesel lab at NYADI. When I saw all those giant engines, transmissions, and other components I said to myself, “I want to tackle these giants” lol. I met two Penske recruiters at a career fair at NYADI and we just clicked. On that day I knew I was going to work for Penske once I graduated.

I enjoyed the hands on training and every chance I got to participate in both the theory and lab classes. I especially enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment each time I learned something and could put it into practice as well as help guide fellow classmates/groupmates. Last, but not least I enjoyed working with most of the instructors: shout out to professors Khan, Boyle, Garcia, Howell, Simon, Rodriguez, Alpiner, and Oakley.

My advice to the current students and the students of the future is to work hard, focus, listen to your instructors, ask for help when needed, and ask questions (no question is a dumb question). To the female students, push and fight for what to want, don’t stand in the back of the crowd in any class, be assertive and push for that hands on training while being respectful of your fellow classmates. Get your share of the pie, it’s there and it’s yours to go get it. To all students I will reiterate, hard work, serious focus, and pay attention. Study, work hard, do well, and that’s the key to excellence. With that said, ‘Remember excellence equates with success’ and you can quote me on that.