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Waisheung Diaz – 2016

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Waisheung Diaz – 2016

My Name is Mitranand Bipat, I started the Master Technician Truck and Diesel Program here at New York ADI in 2015 not knowing what to expect after getting out from the Army.  To my surprise the experience so far has been amazing.  The amount of knowledge I have gain from professional instructors, staff and hand-on experience is second to none. My instructors are very knowledgeable in the subjects they are teaching and always take the discussion back to the industry and its application.  Most of all I enjoyed discussion with my instructors and passionate classmates.
My Classmates at New York ADI were always supportive, challenging and always helpful while in class or during lab sessions.  Now that I am about to graduate looking back at all the knowledge and skills I have acquired, especially with the certifications I will be leaving New York ADI with, like my 39 modules of Mopar CAP Program, I have nothing else but the world of possibilities that awaits me including opening my one repair shop back in my native country Guyana in South America.  I would without a doubt recommend and hope everyone interested in a Diesel Program visit New York Automotive and Diesel Institute.
Mitranand Bipat

NYADI Graduate