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3 Reasons Why You Should Complete Collision Repair Training

If you’re looking for a career where you get to work on automobiles every day, that has room for advancement and that offers a high degree of job security, collision repair might just be the right fit for you. But before you can enter this exciting field, it’s important to consider the advantages of a collision repair technology undergraduate certificate program. Here are three reasons why you should study collision repair at NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology.

1. You enjoy working with your hands.

Desk jobs are not for everyone, and if you prefer to be active all day working with automobiles, then studying collision repair can help get you where you want to be. A day in the life of a collision repair technician may include the following tasks:


  • Assessing damage and determining repair costs
  • Repairing dents
  • Realigning structural components
  • Replacing parts
  • Prepping bodywork for painting
  • Performing quality checks

If this sounds like the job for you, then a collision repair program can help you obtain the professional experience you need to enter the field.

2. You’re looking to maximize your career advancement opportunities.

The majority of entry-level technicians come from career or technical school programs, like NYADI. If collision repair is where you want to be in the versatile automotive industry, then collision repair training can help make you an attractive candidate for a position in the field.  Plus, with education from a post-secondary institution, you’ll have more opportunities for advancement beyond entry-level work.

3. Job security is a top priority.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook, the projected growth rate for automotive body and glass repairers between 2016 and 2026 is expected to be 8%. That’s higher than the average growth rate for all occupations, which is currently at 7%. In order to excel in this growing field, the completion of training programs and industry certifications is becoming increasingly important.

At NYADI, we offer an undergraduate certificate program in collision repair technology that’s designed to prepare you for all four areas of the ASE Automotive Certification and Collision Repair Certification. Get the training you need to succeed as a collision repair technician – apply to NYADI today.