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What Will Be the Biggest Game Changers in the Automotive World?

The innovative vehicles we’ve come to rely on today are worlds away from those that were the norm for previous generations. And while it may seem tough to keep up with the vast range of innovations that hit the market every year, it’s difficult to deny that most of these changes – from airbags to hybrid engines and beyond – have made our lives easier. However, this brings up an important point – automotive technicians must keep on top of all the latest, greatest trends in order to achieve continued success. Below, NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology explores some of the industry’s key up-and-coming trends to give you a preview of game-changing upgrades and advancements.

Autonomous Driving Features

They’re not yet available on a large scale, but a diverse selection of self-driving vehicles is already in production. Many are even on the road. But while fully autonomous vehicles may not become common in the immediate future, many current vehicles feature semi-autonomous features, such as automatic braking and other collision-avoidance systems. This lays a solid foundation for further innovations. Plus, a study conducted by Evolve ETFs suggested that up to 70% of new vehicles may have self-driving features by 2030. An autonomous future may not be as far off as you think.

Connected Cars

Today’s personal vehicles already offer numerous options that employ internet-related technologies, from navigation systems to integrated music apps. And if the rapid evolution of internet technology we’ve seen over the past few decades is any indication, these features are likely to grow in number fairly quickly over the next few years. Features you can expect to see in the near future include general in-car internet access, artificial-intelligence interfaces and V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) connectivity.

Alternative Power Sources

Thanks to a near-universal push for greater environmental responsibility, alternatives to petroleum-based fuel have been available and under development for years on end. This trend is likely to continue. Experts expect many upcoming engines to expand significantly upon the electrical integration that has already helped hybrids make waves in the mainstream market, but some innovative fuels may resort to alternative energy sources, including hydrogen, propane and biodiesel.

Master the Skills for Automotive Success

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