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Are You Ready to Take the Wheel? Hands-On Training in the Classroom

Think back to when you were first learning how to drive. You had to read about the rules and take a written test in order to get your permit. But, it wasn’t until you actually got behind the wheel and experienced driving in real traffic situations and real weather conditions that you truly learned how to drive.

Taking the wheel – whether literally or figuratively – is called the hands-on learning approach. Here at NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology, we believe hands-on learning is an extremely valuable part of the classroom experience.

What is Hands-On Vocational Training at NYADI?

When it comes to learning a trade, hands-on practice is always a major part of instruction. For example, you probably wouldn’t trust a hairdresser or a doctor who never had any practical training. The same is true for automotive technicians. The best way to learn the material is to do it with a professional ASE-certified instructor there to guide you.

At NYADI, most of our classes utilize a combination of lecture and hands-on experience. So, after the instructor explains engine performance or electrical components, you’ll have the chance to get in the shop and use the tools and equipment for yourself.

The Benefits of Hands-On Learning

The hands-on approach has been proven to help students learn faster. It bridges the gap between what the brain is thinking and what the body is doing. This is especially important for a field like automotive technology. You’re learning complex systems that you’ll need to remember as you go forward and starting working as a certified technician. Hands-on learning helps you retain the material and prepares you to handle a full suite of mechanical issues.

In addition, employers want to see that you have a lot of hands-on experience. That’s why many college graduates have a hard time finding a job. They might have a diploma, but they don’t have any experience. NYADI graduates gain practical experience, which helps increases the amount of opportunities available to them.

Get Real-World Automotive Experience

Students interested in hands-on vocational training can enroll in classes at NYADI. We offer programs in Collision Repair Technology, Automotive Service Technology and more. Find out how you can apply today.