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The Benefits of Small Automotive Class Sizes

At most large colleges and universities, it’s normal to have class with as many as 300 other students at a time. While this might work in lecture halls where students are just sitting at their desks taking notes, it doesn’t work in the auto shop. At NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology, classes are limited to a small number of students—and here’s why.

1. Automotive education requires a hands-on approach.

In order to excel as an automotive or diesel technician, you have to have a lot of practical, hands-on experience. Watching the instructors demonstrate various techniques is helpful, but it doesn’t compare to actually doing a task yourself. Unfortunately, not every student gets that opportunity in large classes. Having a select number of students in a class means there will always be enough time and equipment for everyone to get their hands dirty.

2. Students get one-on-one instruction.

With a small class size, the instructor is able to give more one-on-one, individual instruction. Our instructors, who are all ASE-certified, have the chance to get to know every student and answer their questions. There’s also more individualized feedback on work and assignments to help students learn from their mistakes and grow as technicians.

3. Students learn faster.

Research shows that small class sizes help students learn faster. Being able to participate more and ask questions helps them feel more confident, whether they’re taking Performance Fundamentals or Advanced Electronic Systems. Plus, as they pick up the course material, they’ll be able to move through the curriculum and get that much closer to securing a job in their field.

4. There’s a sense of community.

In a room with 50, 100 or 300 people, it’s easy to feel lost in the crowd. But, with a more intimate setting, students can become more actively involved in classroom discussion. They’ll also meet and get to know their peers, forming life-long friendships that they can carry with them through their time at NYADI and beyond.

Having small class sizes is just one of the ways in which NYADI helps students excel. If you’re interested in enrolling in vocational school in NY, check out the available automotive and diesel technician programs today. Contact the Admissions office for more information.