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Technology, Science & Ingenuity Salute To African American History Month

While pondering a theme for African American History Month, we at NYADI did a little research on Black Americans in technology and science.  There was an impressive array of men and women from the 18th to the 21st centuries who were involved in practical inventions and basic mechanical processes that moved industries forward.  Others were responsible for life-saving medical breakthroughs.  There were too many to choose from.

America owes much of its success as a world leader to the prominence of its people in industry and the trades.  So many of our inventors and entrepreneurs rose from the workers’ floors.  They saw the problems and challenges firsthand and were able to create solutions.  These breakthroughs made the country prosperous.  African Americans were skilled laborers from the earliest days, so it is not astonishing that they should be so well represented in mechanical and scientific innovation.

Here’s a challenge for you.  This month find some lists of African American scientists, technicians, and inventors.  Then imagine where we would all be if they had not made their contributions.  Some hints: no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; very expensive shoes; no high speed trains; no blood transfusions…  The list goes on.

Let us know what you find!