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The Future of Automotive Technology

Technology is ever-changing, including the technology in automobiles. As big companies like Tesla and Mercedes-Benz continue exploring new smart car ideas and features, technology is only going to become more complex and prevalent. As such, students in programs for automotive technology must know and become familiar with these advancements and have the skills to adapt as things change.

NYADI The College of Transportation Technology offers Automotive Technology Associate Degree and Automotive Service Technology Certificate programs for students in the Jamaica, NY, area. Here, we talk about projected automobile trends and how our Automotive Technology Associate Degree and Certificate programs prepare students.

Trends for Automobiles

Keep an eye on the following trends for vehicles in the coming years:

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Green initiatives have been present for many years. But in Spring 2023, the Biden administration announced its plan to reduce carbon emissions in the U.S., which calls for a boost in electric vehicle sales. The plan calls for EVs to make up at least two-thirds of the number of vehicles sold by 2032. This is going to change the automotive industry as EVs continue to rise and technologies develop.

Automotive technology students must have experience with this type of technology to deliver services, as many EVs are already on the road today. Students will likely work with these kinds of cars much sooner than they think.

Driverless Cars

Many modern cars already have driving assistance features, like cruise control, automatic braking, and self-parking. However, driverless cars are becoming more popular as companies continue working toward perfecting the technology. Tesla is one car company that has already done this, offering autonomous vehicles.

While these vehicles can drive themselves, drivers must still use a certain level of attention to avoid accidents. As these technologies advance, other car companies will follow suit, providing widely available driverless cars that many will come to own. Automobile technology students must understand the skills involved with maintaining these types of technologies, like auto computer repair.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) already exists in many modern vehicles. It can be found right on the center console, where a touchscreen displays information on an easy-to-use dashboard. This technology uses AR to provide more detailed and accurate GPS instructions through realistic images of your surroundings alongside other features. AR is also used to display the speedometer. The use of AR technology in automobiles is not expected to slow down any time soon.

Head-Up Displays

Many car companies, like Mercedes-Benz, are already exploring the idea of AR assistance directly on windshields. This will give drivers the ability to see directions in real time, as well as access to additional convenience and safety features, like terrain mapping, advanced parking assistance, and warnings about pedestrians and other roadblocks.

The goal of these types of displays is to promote driver safety, as it allows drivers to see information without having to look away from the road. Instead, it’ll display their notifications, directions, and other important elements right on their windshield.

How to Prepare for the New Era of Automotive Technology

With the rise of these new technologies, automotive programs must keep up. Students entering the automotive industry must be familiar with these vehicles and be able to work with them efficiently. That’s why the Automotive Technology Associate Degree and Certificate programs at NYADI include modern vehicle education in the curriculum, such as the Hybrid Electric Drive Technology course.

At NYADI, we want students to thrive in their careers after completing their courses. We believe the way to do so is by providing them with the right tools and resources. Students can access experienced, ASE-certified instructors who assist them in their automotive training. We also pride ourselves on our faculty-to-student ratio, which enables more personalized, thorough learning through one-on-one tutoring.

Students can enroll in the program as full-time or part-time. We also offer financial aid opportunities for those who qualify, as well as career services. Upon graduation, students will receive both a certificate and a degree in automotive technology.

Aspiring Students Can Find Training at NYADI

NYADI The College of Transportation Technology helps students throughout the Jamaica, NY, area by offering flexible, individualized learning opportunities. Students gain hands-on experience with a variety of automobiles. They also work with experienced instructors dedicated to fostering student success. To learn more about our Automotive Technology Associate Degree program and our other academic programs, contact us today.