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Official withdrawals must be in writing and submitted to the Dean of Academic Affairs or the college President. An official withdrawal will not count toward the student’s GPA. Refund Policy.


During the first six days of the semester, the college permits students to officially drop or add a course with written permission from the instructor. During the first twelve days of the semester the student can withdraw from a course.  After the first twelve days, a student can withdraw, with a withdrawal late “WL” if they are doing passing work and can provide documentation verifying unforeseen circumstances.  A “WL” is not used in calculating the GPA.


Student records are maintained for a minimum of 20 years. All students are entitled to one official copy of their transcript of grades without charge. Additional copies can be obtained for a $10 fee.


The institution maintains an academic transcript for each student.  Outside coursework assignments are factored into the final grade.  The grading system is as follows: Grade Numerical Value Grade Point Value A 90-100    4.0 - Excellent B 80-89    3.0 - Good C 70-79    2.0 - Satisfactory D 65-69    1.0 - Passing F Under 65       0 - Failure WU Withdrawal Unofficial       0 - Failure W Withdrawal                 - WL Withdrawal Late                 -


Students at NYADI are required to make satisfactory progress toward the completion of a degree or certificate. Academic progress standards must also be met to continue qualifying for financial aid awards. Academic progress is measured both qualitatively by grade point equivalent, and quantitatively, by the amount of time required to complete the program of study at the end of each semester.  SAP is measured in credits and time.  Students will receive a copy of their unofficial transcript at the end of each semester. Earned Attempted GPA Earned Attempted GPA 0 3 0 33 49.5 1.8 3 4.5 1 36 54 1.8 6 9 1 39 58.5 2 9 13.5 1.3 42 63 2 12 18 1.3 45 67.5 2 15 22.5 1.5 48 72 2 18 27 1.5 51 76.5 2 21 31.5 1.5 54 81 2 24 36 1.5 57 85.5 2 27 40.5 1.8 60 90 2 30 45 1.8   Academic progress standards apply to all students, full-time


Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0. Complete the program within 1.5 times the normal length. Fulfill all financial obligations to the college. Complete all program requirements (e.g. exams and assignments). Complete a student loan exit interview, if applicable.


All required courses in an academic program are credit-bearing and must be passed to meet graduation requirements; therefore, a course that is failed must be repeated. A credit-bearing course that is failed may only be retaken once. When a failed course is repeated, the higher grade is used to compute the grade point average (GPA).


Students in good academic and financial standing who officially withdrew are required to apply for reinstatement prior to registration, with the re-entry committee. Students who were not in good financial standing at the time of withdrawal may apply for reinstatement only after all monetary obligations due to the college has been met. Students who failed to notify the college officially of the intent to withdraw must petition the Dean of Academic Affairs in writing for reinstatement. Students who are reinstated within six months (180 days) will return in the