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What Are the Highest Paying Diesel Mechanic Jobs?

A diesel mechanic works with and repairs diesel engines or equipment powered by diesel engines. Diesel mechanics are frequently employed in the trucking, shipping, and power industries, managing huge vehicles or diesel-powered mechanical equipment.

Understanding your job prospects as a diesel mechanic can help you understand the potential for a high-paying job. At NYADI, The College of Transportation Technology in Jamaica, NY, we offer an associate degree in automotive and diesel technology that can help you start your career. Our associate degree program allows students to:

  • Prepare for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification
  • Receive financial aid if they meet the qualifications
  • Study automotive and diesel technology part-time or full-time
  • Obtain stackable certifications from industry partners

Our career service program can help you choose the program that suits your needs, and offers help with resume writing, job interview practice, and career development workshops.

The Best Paying Diesel Mechanic Jobs

Let’s look at some of the highest paying roles for diesel mechanics, based on reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Gas Plant Operator

These specialists work in the natural gas industry. Diesel mechanics in this industry have various tasks, including maintaining natural gas operations, fixing equipment, and ensuring effective performance. Gas plant operators also may use large machinery and equipment to handle compressors that support consistent pressure on pipes while processing and distributing gas for utility companies.

The annual wage for gas plant operators in 2021 was $76,970, one of the highest-paying jobs a diesel mechanic can acquire.

Airport Mechanics

An airport mechanic maintains and fixes bulky aircraft, helicopters, and other aviation-related machinery. These specialists may perform preventive maintenance on equipment, such as cranes, lorries, and other industrial vehicles at the airport, and diagnostic analysis on machinery. An airport mechanic also carries out other routine maintenance and chores in addition to engine repair. The median annual wage for airport mechanics in 2021 was $69,470, and there is high demand for people in this career.

Gas Pumping Station Operator

The median annual wage for gas pumping station operators in 2021 was $67,130. These professionals manage gas, electric, steam, or internal combustion engine compressors. They inspect pressure gauges and gas meters to monitor pressure, temperature, and consumption rate changes. Operators also supervise and maintain the diesel equipment used by oil and gas companies to run pipelines. They create daily facility operations reports to measure usage and assure compliance.

Fleet Managers

Fleet managers oversee all technical maintenance and repairs for a trucking fleet. While supervising a team of mechanics, managers develop policies and procedures. They also plan preventative maintenance, create timetables, and collaborate with other partners to keep the truck fleet running safely. The average annual income for fleet managers is $64,666 according to, with high demand for the position in most companies.

Heavy-Duty Truck Mechanics

Heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service experts check, maintain, and repair construction, farming, and other industries’ vehicles and machinery. Heavy-duty truck service mechanics are typically employed indoors in repair shops. Most service technicians work full-time, with many working evenings and weekends.

Since vehicle and equipment technology is becoming more advanced and automated, some firms prefer to hire service technicians who have completed a college training program like the one at NYADI. The median annual wage for heavy-duty vehicle service technicians in 2021 was $53,770.

Diesel Service Technicians

A diesel technician is often employed in transportation to maintain diesel engines or vehicles that use them. These professionals plan truck maintenance and perform computerized vehicle diagnostics. They also connect with consumers to better identify problems and make repairs more efficiently and effectively. They explain to machine owners what issues exist, how they intend to remedy them, and how the owner might avoid such problems in the future. Although most diesel service mechanics learn on the job after high school, companies increasingly favor individuals who have completed a college diesel engine repair program. The annual median salary for diesel service technicians in 2021 was $48,690.

Launch Your Diesel Mechanic Career at NYADI The College of Transportation Technology

There are various high-paying automotive jobs available when you become a diesel mechanic. Diesel engines are the industry standard for heavy vehicles such as buses, trucks, and agricultural machinery; hence diesel mechanics are in high demand. At NYADI The College of Transportation Technology in Jamaica, NY, we offer various academic programs to help you start your career journey, including an associate degree in automotive and diesel technology program. Contact our admissions representative or apply for our programs to start your career.