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Auto Motivation

Happy New Year!  It’s the time to make or act upon those plans for the new improved YOU. Near the top of everyone’s list is usually a career plan.  How about you?  Are you completely satisfied with your income and day to day work?  Is your brain full to the top with knowledge and skills? If the answer is no – or even maybe, you may be interested in a new direction.  Have you considered a career in the automotive or diesel industry?  Today’s sophisticated engines require well trained, creative technicians to


The personal car is as common in the United States as a toothbrush.  Everywhere except New York City, (especially Manhattan), two cars per adult person is typical.  One of them might be a truck but a truck that is seldom used for anything but personal transportation. Americans love their cars.  You can bet that for the people you see on public transportation, at least half have cars in their garages.  Does the economy affect the rate of ownership?  Not so much.  People just keep that car on the road longer.  Gasoline

New York Automotive and Diesel Institute Automotive Program Receives National Accreditation

The automotive training program at New York Automotive and Diesel Institute in Queens, NY has received accreditation by NATEF and The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). New York Automotive and Diesel Institute automotive program has been accredited in the following areas: Automotive, Truck and Diesel and Collision Repair. To achieve this coveted recognition, the school’s automotive training program underwent rigorous evaluation by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). Nationally accepted standards of excellence in areas such as instruction, facilities, and equipment were used. “This is great news for automotive-minded

Automotive Technician Jobs

You’ve always had a passion for cars and trucks and now you can get paid to do what you love with a career as an auto mechanic. Jobs in the automotive service marketplace today demand technicians with strong and up-to-date training not only in the basics, but in electronics and computerization as well. At New York Automotive and Diesel Institute we strive to provide the highest level of instruction required to pursue the automotive mechanic career of your dreams. Upon graduating from New York ADI, students will be prepared to meet

Certified Automotive Technician Training

necessity in getting hired as an automotive technician.  NYAHaving the proper automotive technician education and training from ASE certified instructors is aDI’s team of top notch instructors will provide the best certified automotive technician training in New York.  Our automotive training programs provide the theoretical knowledge and practical “real world” skills necessary to effectively service the latest vehicles and ensure customer satisfaction. ASE Certification Training ASE certification allows auto technicians to show they have proven themselves to be knowledgeable professionals and get the respect and recognition they’ve worked so hard to earn. NYADI’s auto

Automotive Technician Education

New York Automotive and Diesel Institute strives to provide the highest level of automotive technician education required to meet the high-tech demands of the automotive service marketplace today. Our auto technician school utilizes only the finest, most up-to-date, training resources, including today’s most popular cars, and the latest industry tools and standards. At NYADI we believe that academic excellence and quality vocational/technical auto technology training provide our students with the essential “tools of the trade” necessary to meet the requirements of an ever-changing automotive repair service market, and will thereby enhance the graduate’s

Auto Tech is Cool

For people who love cars there is a satisfaction in working with their hands to maintain and fix them.  The great thing is that auto dealers are eager to find help, so this is the time to live your dream and get paid at the same time. If you are looking for a lifelong career with great potential for growth, consider automotive or diesel technology.  There is a high demand for skilled, experienced technicians now and will be far into the future.  Automotive technology is becoming more advanced and innovative day by


Are you ready for the next challenge? Seventeen percent of New York Automotive & Diesel Institute’s students are.  Some of our veterans are direct from service, some much older.   They are not here because they don’t want courses in literature or foreign languages, but because they are aware of the career potential in the automotive and diesel industry. In short, this is an applicant’s market.  Major employers, private and governmental, are eager for new hires.  Many veterans already have job experience in the field, a prerequisite for immediate placement as a technician. 

What ASE Certification is and Why it is Important

ASE certification, also known as Automotive Service Excellence, is the certification granted to an automotive technician who has completed the required training and obtained their Automotive Service Excellence Certified Master Technicians requirements. This means they are qualified to work on every mechanical, electrical component, and system in a vehicle. Automotive Service Excellence Certification (ASE) - What is It? When a car owner takes his/her vehicle in for repairs, he/she wants assurance the technician knows how to repair the vehicle and avoid damaging anything else. Owners do not want to be put in a

Career Path: Going from Line Technician to Shop Foreman

Developing a career as an auto technician can bring you far along as the years go by. While you may start out as a basic technician at an auto shop, there's nothing that says you need to stay in that position. The skills you can learn and develop as a technician can help you someday become a shop foreman or even a franchise manager. These skills include: 1. Diagnostic Capabilities A frustration that everyone wants to avoid is going to an auto repair shop to identify a problem, only for the technician to