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How Smart Cars Change Collision Repair

By 2030, it’s estimated there will be about 125 million electric vehicles on the road – and that’s not even including hybrids or other alternative fuel vehicles. We still have a decade until that future arrives, but we’re already starting to see changes taking place. In fact, there are self-driving cars on the road right now. If you pass a Tesla Model X on the highway, there’s a good chance the driver doesn’t even have his foot on the pedal. As the industry continues to shift toward a more technological, fuel-efficient future, what

TASC Success Story

Gloryluz Resto, a student who enrolled at NYADI - The College of Transportation Technology two months ago, has earned her High School Equivalency Diploma by excelling on the TASC Assessment Exam! Despite the numerous struggles she had to endure, such as balancing school work and family responsibilities, she was able to overcome all challenges in her life. Her conscious decision to prioritize her future and obtain her High School Equivalency Diploma has opened up many doors for her success.